Small Claims: An action on principle costs money!

You feel you have been wronged. You want to sue the wrongdoer (tortfeasor). Small Claims court may be the jurisdictional venue to make you whole again. One common misconception that we often hear is that bringing a suit before the Small Claims court, allows you “Your day in court”, when in fact, your day in court, it was brought about in vexation or is frivolous in nature, is actually, an abuse of process, and is often punishable with a fine. An action brought in principle falls into this category. It will cost you money!
Before you decide to sue, you must identify what wrong has been done and if any harm has been done as a result of the wrongdoing (Tort). The harm is what is quantifiable, (a monetary figure can be attached). If there has been no real quantifiable harm been done, you do not have a cause of action. Hurt feelings, as uncomfortable as they may be, are not quantifiable.
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